Our Approach

One of the goals of Jenner’s Run is to provide an “immersion style” learning environment for excellence in canine handling and dog training.

We are constantly searching for canine trainers and behaviorists from all areas of canine handling who can share new methods and techniques for training canines. When you attend one of our classes or seminars, an experienced instructor will deliver lectures and field exercises designed to maximize your and your dog’s learning.

See our calendar of seminars and classes.

Jenner’s Run is a family-style farm environment, with comfortable accommodations for 8 to 10 people, excellent food, and a great learning environment for you and your dog.  The 160-acre farm, with multiple buildings, provides plenty of room and a great environment for practicing, working scenarios, stretching your legs, and talking with instructors and participants. 

We have a multi-difficulty agility course, building search areas, wilderness search areas, and unlimited opportunities to practice obedience. (And, yes, there are lots of bunnies and other critters, none of which may be chased or harmed!)

Classes with small groups are provided so that each participant receives maximum input from the instructor as well as plenty of practice time. This small group approach can accelerate the learning and performance of both handlers and dogs.

We offer seminars, obedience classes of all types, direction and agility training for the SAR dog, FEMA disaster and wilderness SAR training, and the Canine Good Citizen evaluation.

See our calendar of seminars and classes.

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