Board & Train Program

We offer limited opportunities to participate in our Board and Train Program. This program is designed to bring dogs and their owners into closer partnership through teaching the dog, and then the owner, obedience skills.

Many families struggle with high-energy, happy dogs that lack control and social skills. Teaching obedience can change the relationship, and create a pleasant “eager to please” companion dog, and an owner who is more knowledgeable and capable of controlling that energy in all situations.

Our Board and Train Program teaches the dog basic commands, such as come, sit, down, leave it, wait and stay. We also teach control techniques in the presence of other dogs, small wild animals, and livestock. Each dog receives lessons multiple times per day, and stays in a comfortable kennel or inside our home. The program lasts for three weeks and includes a weekly lesson with the owner. In addition, up to four follow up lessons are included at no charge. Our goal is to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills needed to continue and enhance your training and your partnership.

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